Philo Hair Studio Bukit Indah

Discover the pinnacle of hair care excellence at Philo Hair Salon Bukit Indah, where our team of seasoned stylists is committed to elevating your hair to its full potential. Treat yourself to an array of premium hair services, ranging from precise cuts to rejuvenating treatments, all tailored to enhance the innate beauty and vitality of your locks.

Experience serenity in our exclusive Muslimah Room, thoughtfully designed to offer you a peaceful retreat while our expert stylists attend to your individual hair care needs with sensitivity and respect for your cultural preferences.

Embark on a journey of hair transformation at Philo Hair Studio Bukit Indah, where we view your hair as a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with your unique beauty.

Meet Our Team

Denise Tan

Regional Manager & Consultant Director
8 years experience

Denise, a seasoned consultant and Regional Manager at Philo Hair Studio JB branch, boasts 8 years of expertise in effectively communicating our salon’s services. Specializing in scalp care, she guarantees an unparalleled experience for those seeking a healthy and comfortable scalp. With Denise, clients embark on a journey toward optimal scalp health, where each service is a lavish indulgence in itself.

Eve Tham

Senior Hair Stylist
6 years experience

Meet Eve, a Senior Hair Stylist at Philo Hair Studio’s JB branch, renowned for her expertise in hair cutting, coloring, and perms. With a keen understanding of each client’s desired hairstyle, Eve excels in delivering results that exceed expectations. Leveraging her vast knowledge and mastery of modern aesthetic trends, she ensures a seamless transformation that leaves both clients and herself fully satisfied. Trust Eve to bring your vision to life with precision and flair, backed by her commitment to staying abreast of the latest techniques and innovations in the industry.

Huang Han

Financial & Styling Director
12 years experience

Meet Huang, a seasoned artisan at Philo Hair Studio, boasting years of solid experience in the craft of hairstyling. With an innate mastery of scissors and strands, Huang maneuvers through hair with the finesse of a seasoned artist, effortlessly bringing visions to life. Each precise cut is a manifestation of Huang’s relentless pursuit of beauty, reflecting meticulous attention to every detail. At Philo, every client is treated to an experience marked by comfort and professionalism, as Huang ensures that each individual stepping into the salon receives nothing short of exceptional care and attention. Trust in Huang’s expertise to transform your hair into a masterpiece of beauty and style.

Jeffry Tan

Senior Hair Stylist & Technical Team Leader
5 years experience

Meet Jeffry, a Senior Hair Stylist at Philo Hair Studio’s JB branch and the esteemed Technical Team Leader, boasting 5 years of expertise in the industry. With a specialization in hair cutting, coloring, highlights, and bleaching, Jeffry is renowned for his mastery of various techniques. As a fashionable hairstylist, he relentlessly pursues perfection in both technology and beauty, ensuring that each client’s hair transformation is nothing short of exceptional. Jeffry’s dedication to staying at the forefront of trends and techniques guarantees that every visit to Philo Hair Studio is met with innovative solutions and impeccable results. Trust Jeffry to elevate your hair to new heights of style and sophistication.


Senior Assistant